Eighth grade computers will focus on Google capabilities and skills that revolve around Google Drive. Students will develop a basic understanding of Google applications in connection to academics. Ethical computer use and Internet safety will be covered throughout the curriculum. Students are required to create two presentations and present it to their peers.


Course topics will include learning about the benefits of personal fitness and the mechanics of muscles, along with aerobic vs. anaerobic, drug and alcohol awareness, substance addiction and dependency, as well as sex education/harassment. Throughout the class students will also be introduced to the different health careers beyond high school.

Math Concepts

In Grade 8 math concepts, instructional time will focus more specifically on geometry, statistics, and probability. Materials are an extension of the 8th grade common core state standards. Instructional time will be spent taking classroom notes, quizzes, and tests, completing projects, class assignments, homework assignments, and other class activities.

Research to Careers

The Research to Careers class is designed to introduce the career development process to students. The process includes self-awareness, career awareness, career exploration, and career preparation. Students will personalize the career development process by integrating information from their academic and career assessments to make informed planning decisions for careers and education and/or training beyond high school. Students are given a variety of career-related assessments as well as discussion of work ethic and etiquette and visiting area businesses, industries, and colleges to help them become more aware of their career interests and goals. Students will prepare a portfolio containing items necessary for the competition of seeking a career.