Marshall Schools In-Person Learning & Remote Learning Choice

While we do believe that teaching and learning is accomplished best with In-Person School, we know that we are not living under normal circumstances. We know that neither choice is ideal nor right for all at this time, so Marshall Schools has offered parents the opportunity to choose between In-Person and Remote Learning for each of their students. This choice may be different for students within the same household.

This choice will not be permanent. A student participating in In-Person School could become ill, become symptomatic or have a need to quarantine that would cause them to be at home and participate in Remote Learning. While we hope it doesn’t happen, we also know that there is the possibility that all will have to return to Remote Learning for short periods of time for Contact Tracing, Cleaning, or for longer periods as happened last Spring. An In-Person Student may also make the decision to shift to Remote Learning.

The ability to choose to move from Remote Learning to In-Person School will also be an option by giving the school 1 week notice of the desire to change. At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, conditions with regards to the Co-Vid 19 Pandemic will improve to the point that In-Person School returns to normal and the Remote Learning Option would become unnecessary.

Marshall Schools Remote Learning Plan

Books, Class Materials, and an iPad or Chrome Book will be provided for all Remote Learning students.  These will be ready for pick-up during school hours on Wednesday, August 19, at the respective buildings.  For technical support you can contact Lauretta Morris at lmorris@marshallk12.net or contact the school office.

Students will be placed on class rosters with their in-person counterparts.  Assignments, Notes, Resources including Online Resources, and Video Lessons from the In-Person learning classroom will be posted at the end of the In-Person learning school day for Remote Learning Students to work on the following day.   These will be shared at the South and North Elementary Level through See-Saw.  At the 7th through 12th grade level, these will be shared through Google Classroom.  Students will be placed in Google Classrooms for each class on their schedule.  Communication with students and parents will be done regularly through See Saw, Google Classroom, and email.  

We have hired a Remote Learning "Tutor" whose sole job at each of our buildings is to help answer questions that you or your student may have during the day between 8 am and 3 pm while the In-Person Learning teacher is teaching.  The regular teacher will also be checking questions and checking in as time permits throughout the day and after school. 

Expect to receive a correspondence from the classroom teacher on the afternoon for Tuesday, August 18, to make sure that connections are set through See-Saw, Google Classroom, and email with both them and our Remote Learning "Tutors".   The first full day of In-Person learning is Wednesday, August 19, so the first full day of Remote Learning activity will be Thursday, August 20.

All print materials distributed to the In-Person students will be posted as a pdf form for you to print, but also will be collected daily for our Remote Students for pick-up the following day at the buildings.   

We hope that all who are doing Remote Learning have access to the internet.  Each school parking lot can act as a hotspot for those without internet access.  If you do not have internet access, please contact the principal to we can make alternate arrangements for content delivery.  

Daily participation is expected and will count towards attendance.  Remote Learning students should expect minimum of 5 clock hours of learning daily between video lessons, online activities, print activities, projects, and assignments.  As we begin the year, you as parents may decide how to schedule that work time.  The teacher and school will be checking in to monitor daily work and progress.  

Quizzes and Tests will be administered on a timeline similar to that of the timeline being used with In-Person Students. At the 6th-12th Grade Levels tests may be administered through Google Classroom at a time and with a time limit similar to that of the In-Person Classroom.

Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests will have due dates similar (in most cases 1 day later) to that of the In-Person learning classroom.  Due dates will be communicated by the teacher through See Saw, Google Classroom, or email with the posted assignments.  Much will be able to be submitted electronically.  Print assignments can be dropped off at the building.  If your student becomes ill, and can't participate in Remote School, please let us know and additional time would be given with regards to due dates.

Students will receive grades or at the younger level be progress monitored for their work similar to what they would receive in a traditional setting.

Students must be participating in the In-Person Learning option to participate in Sports, Extracurriculars, and After School Activities

Students may opt to switch to In-Person Learning by giving the School 1 week notice.

As the year progresses, if appropriate, classes may be Streamed real time to students or conducted through a Google Meets setting.

If conditions call for all students going to Full Remote Learning for and extended period of time, teachers would be conducting Remote Learning for all from their classrooms during regular school hours.