Marshall Schools In-Person Learning & Remote Learning Choice

While we do believe that teaching and learning is accomplished best with In-Person School, we know that we are not living under normal circumstances. We know that neither choice is ideal nor right for all at this time, so Marshall Schools has offered parents the opportunity to choose between In-Person and Remote Learning for each of their students. This choice may be different for students within the same household.

This choice will not be permanent. A student participating in In-Person School could become ill, become symptomatic or have a need to quarantine that would cause them to be at home and participate in Remote Learning. While we hope it doesn’t happen, we also know that there is the possibility that all will have to return to Remote Learning for short periods of time for Contact Tracing, Cleaning, or for longer periods as happened last Spring.  An In-Person Student may also make the decision to shift to Remote Learning.

The ability to choose to move from Remote Learning to In-Person School will also be an option by giving the school 1 week notice of the desire to change. At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, conditions with regards to the Co-Vid 19 Pandemic will improve to the point that In-Person School returns to normal and the Remote Learning Option would become unnecessary.

Marshall Schools In-Person Learning

Will be held daily from 8:00 a.m. to 3:06 at MJHS and MHS and from 8:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. at South & North Elementary Schools

Face Coverings (Masks)

Per the Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Department of Public Health, Face Coverings (Masks) will be required of Staff and Students inside (with the exceptions of Eating, Drinking, Playing a Band Instrument, or a Medical Exemption), on buses, and outside when social distancing is not possible (masks could be off during outside activities if social distancing is maintained). 2 cloth masks will be provided for each student.

Self-Certification Health Check

Students and Staff are required to do a Self-Certification Health & Temperature Check each day before school. This is a short series of questions related to Co-Vid 19 symptoms and a Temperature check that would be done using a Google form with questions similar to what has been used for summer athletic workouts and driver education. Students and Staff who do not self-certify would answer the questions and have the temperature check done at school.  Please follow this link for more information on self-certification.

Self-Certification Information

Guests will also be required to wear Face Coverings in our buildings and submit to the Health-Certification/Temperature Check

Co-Vid 19 Positive Students, Contact Traced Students, and Symptomatic Students

If a student or staff member is identified as positive with Co-Vid 19, they would follow doctor and Clark County Health directions with regards to quarantine. Siblings of a student who has a positive case and live in the same household would follow doctor and Clark County Health directions with regards to quarantine as well. When a student has symptoms to the degree that they are undergoing a CoVid Test, they and their siblings from the same house would be expected to quarantine until a result is know.

Marshall Schools will work with Clark County Health with regards to contact tracing at school.  If a student or staff member is identified as having been in close contact with someone with Co-Vid 19 at school, they would be contacted by Clark County Health and follow Clark County Health and doctor directions with regards to self-quarantine. The school will be in communication as well.  “In Close Contact” is defined as less than 6 feet for 15 minutes or more. 

If your student has been diagnosed as CoVid 19 positive or has been notified they must quarantine from close contact outside the school setting, please let the school know.

If a student must miss multiple days of school for illness or quarantine, they will be allowed to access Remote Learning during that time and return to In-Person when cleared to return by Clark County Health and/or their Medical Professional.


Buses will allow for up to 50 riders, with masks and social distancing to the best of our ability. It is our intent to run route buses and no shuttles to help decrease the number of students on each bus. Those that typically would shuttle would need to have parents provide or arrange for transportation.  We will still be doing town routes to the best of our ability. Students who live within a short walking distance of their school are asked to walk or have parents provide transportation. We will limit seating on buses to 1 per seat or 2 from the same household where possible. In the afternoon, students will board their Route Bus at South, North, and the JH & HS. No switches will have to be made at the HS Parking Lot.  At the beginning of the year, we will not be allowing bus passes.

Students whether they walk, are dropped off, or ride the bus will arrive between 7:45 and 8:00 a.m. and report to their classroom. Grab and go breakfast will be available at all levels for pickup before going to the classroom. JH & HS students will stop by their locker before going to their 1st period class.

Classroom Set-Up / Social Distancing

Classrooms have been set-up with student desks set-up to socially distance to the best of our ability. Extra furniture has been removed as needed to create more space. Desks have been set-up so that all face the same direction. Classrooms with permanent table seating have had dividers between students installed.  P.E. will be outside as much as possible. Some classes on occasion will be held outside.


All students will be issued an iPad at South, North, and MJHS and a Chromebook or Lap-Top at MHS for use at school and home.

Class Schedules

Classes will run like normal at MJHS & MHS with students moving from class to class each period. Elementary Classes will be in their assigned classroom with their teacher as usual. Students will stay with their classroom teacher for Reading. Art and Music teachers will come to the classroom for those activities. P.E. will be outside as much as possible. Multiple Recesses / Breaks will be scheduled to allow the students to get outside and get a break from wearing the mask. Pull-out services such as Title I Reading & Special Education will still be provided as normal.


MHS will have 2 lunches and will be open campus for 10th-12th Grades. Students that stay on campus will eat in the cafeteria, McNary Hallway, or in the Quad (weather permitting)

MJHS will have a 7th lunch and an 8th lunch. Lunch will be delivered to MJHS and students will eat on the Stage, in the Gym Bleachers, Library, and Outside (weather permitting)

North & South Lunches will be delivered to the classroom.

Parents may pick-up their student at all Grade Levels for lunch.


-MHS Band will meet in McNary Gym or Outside (as much as possible)

-MJHS Band will be split into 7th & 8th Grade with 7th meeting during 8th Grade Lunch and 8th meeting during 7th Grade Lunch

-6th Grade Band will meet at North School (rather than being transported to the High School)

-5th Grade Band will be on hold during the 1st Quarter

Sports, Extracurriculars, and After School Activities will be in place as ISBE and IHSA/IESA Guidance allows.

Cleaning Protocol

Increased Cleaning Protocols according to IDPH Recommendations will be in place. Touchless faucets and toilet flush valves have been installed in all buildings as well as bottle fill water fountains. Students may carry a clear water bottle throughout the day.

Desktops will be cleaned between each period at MJHS and MHS and throughout the day during breaks at South and North.

All Plans are Subject to Change based on Current Conditions